Stalwart Plan

Reliable. Hard-working. Focused.

It’s who we are as CSU Rams. It’s not only knowing what to do to “stop the spread.”
It’s figuring out how to make the most of our time together and take care of one another at the same time.

Cases at a glance:

New Cases per Day

Cumulative Cases

CSU (since May 2020): 169 – Last Updated: 9/13/2020
Larimer County: 2,129 – Last Positive Case: 9/13/2020
Colorado: 61,324 – Last Updated: 9/13/2020

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Information for:

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Stay Stalwart, Take Action

Report symptoms, concerns, + Tests

stay home

Stay home when you are sick


Wear a mask or face covering

6 ft distance

Physically distance from others

wash hands

Wash your hands frequently


disinfect WORK, learning and research spaces frequently

avoid crowds

AVOID crowds and large gatherings


Work remotely when possible


Cover your cough

avoid crowds

Do not go into a crowded restroom