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Temporary Saliva Positive Dashboard

CSU is currently and temporarily issuing public health (isolation and quarantine) orders based on the results of saliva screening. This is a shift from a previous practice of requiring nasal swab tests to confirm saliva results. The saliva positives reflected here show the results of one-time screening for all employees and students as the semester resumes as well as twice a week screening for those who elect not to get a vaccine. In addition, some individuals may elect to voluntarily participate in saliva screening.

This chart will be displayed temporarily to provide information about the number of individuals who saliva indicates they have COVID.

The numbers on this chart associated with a particular day may change after posting as numbers are confirmed.

The Pandemic Team expects to resume it’s earlier practice of relying on nasal swab confirmatory tests later this winter after omicron case numbers decline.

The university’s dashboard, below this chart, reflects nasal swab test results, typically given as part of a public health practice when an individual reports symptoms.

Adding both the saliva positives to the dashboard numbers below provides the total university positives among students, faculty and staff.

Cases at a glance:

New Cases per Day

Cumulative Cases

CSU (since May 2020): 169 – Last Updated: 9/13/2020
Larimer County: 2,129 – Last Positive Case: 9/13/2020
Colorado: 61,324 – Last Updated: 9/13/2020

More information about these numbers.