From: Vice President Blanche Hughes
Date: Friday, November 13, 2020
To: All Students
Subject: 10 Things to Know for Fall Break through the End of the Semester

Hi Students,

We have just one week left to go before a much-deserved Fall Break! And while we are all eager to get there, I know there are also some questions and concerns swirling as we prepare for virtual learning for the rest of the semester and face growing COVID-19 cases across the nation. We are all tired so I have tried to pull together a quick list of useful information and resources below.

Whether you are staying in Fort Collins, leaving town, or remaining in another location, I wish you well. It’s been a long haul since August and I am so proud that we have made it this far.

10 Things to Know for Fall Break through the End of the Semester:

  1. From November 30 – December 18 all classes and finals week exams will be delivered virtually. Visit Keep Learning for tips and resources for transitioning to virtual learning.
  2. The University will remain open to serve students and will limit hours of operation and public access to buildings. Visit individual websites or Keep Engaging for details.
  3. Support services including medical and mental health servicesbasic needs, and subsidized RamRide x Lyft rides will be available.
  4. COVID screening is available prior to Fall Break; register online before screening and schedule a time to screen.
  5. Flu shots are available at the Health Network for students by appointment only; call (970) 491-7121 to schedule your appointment.
  6. Students who are planning to leave bikes on campus during the break are encouraged to store them securely.
  7. All university apartments and some residence halls will remain open from Fall Breakthrough Winter Break.
  8. Off-campus students: If you’re temporarily leaving your Fort Collins residence, be sure to make arrangements for shoveling snow off your sidewalk and, if applicable, park your vehicle correctly to avoid fines.  
  9. Review tips for gatherings and activities during Fall Break.
  10. Before leaving campus, please review the travel recommendations for Fall Break and holidays.

Take Care,

Blanche Hughes, VP for Student Affairs