Feb. 10, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Given the university’s move to Phase III for academic delivery, the Pandemic Preparedness Team has received questions about the appropriateness of employees currently working remotely resuming work on university grounds.

The team has determined that employees should not resume work on a campus or university grounds if they have not been previously approved through the Pandemic Preparedness Team review process this summer or fall.

  • If you were not approved to work on a campus through the Pandemic Preparedness Team application process in 2020, you should continue to work remotely.
  • Unit supervisors must seek approval for employees to return to work on a campus or university grounds if their needs have changed. This includes submitting a public health plan for return to in-person functions on a campus to the Pandemic Preparedness Team.

Although public health restrictions have been relaxing across the country, the Pandemic Preparedness Team has made this decision to continue to allow the university and the public health response to focus resources on the university’s academic mission. The transition to Phase III is related to academic delivery only, and, once completed, spring semester will be at the same scale as fall semester in terms of our on-campus, in-person delivery of services and operations.

In addition, spring semester events remain canceled.  

The Pandemic Preparedness Team will continue to assess current COVID case levels associated with CSU, the county and state, and to track developments related to public health guidance and COVID variants. The team is committed to frequently reviewing current university restrictions on working in person on university grounds and hosting events throughout spring. However, the team expects these guidelines to remain in place at least through April 10 and likely through the spring semester.

For more information about the university’s COVID response, visit https://covid.colostate.edu/.

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team