Feb. 18, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team is adding the final groups of students, faculty and staff to mandatory weekly screening, beginning Monday, February 22. This group includes all students and instructors who are attending or teaching hybrid courses as their only face-to-face interactions on university grounds.

With the addition of this group, now all students, faculty and staff who are on university grounds, live in university housing or live in a fraternity or sorority house, are all required to screen each week at a CSU saliva screening site.

We understand that individuals teaching or taking hybrid courses may only be on a campus a few days this semester; those individuals should screen on the weeks that they are on a campus.

Who has to screen:

  • All students attending any course with any in-person or hybrid component
  • All students living in university housing, living in a fraternity or sorority house, even if they do not attend a face-to-face or hybrid course
  • All faculty and staff who are regularly, physically on a CSU campus or other university grounds in Larimer County
  • All faculty and instructors teaching a face-to-face or hybrid course

For more information about exemptions and about mandatory saliva screening, visit https://covid.colostate.edu/kb/mandatory-covid-screening-for-students-faculty-and-staff/.

To register or schedule a saliva screening, visit the link above or the COVID home page.

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team