Advice for supervisors if an employee reports symptoms

Estimated reading time: 1 min

Employees with symptoms should not report to work until they have sought medical advice and talked with a CSU Public Health official.

In some cases, an employee may experience symptoms of COVID-19 but have other health conditions that mimic those symptoms. Please be aware that there are many reasons a person may experienced one or more symptoms of COVID-19 that are not related to COVID-19, such as an individual who experiences a fever due to an infection or the common flu or cold.

The symptom checker does not diagnose an individual with COVID-19 and is merely a tool for the university.

Please maintain employee’s medical privacy by not sharing beyond a need-to-know basis that this employee has reported symptoms, and do not assume that an employee who report symptoms through the symptom checker has COVID-19.

As a next step, a CSU public health professional will follow up with you if additional conversations with this employee indicated that you or your staff members should take additional precautions.

Custodial crews are routinely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces once a day.

Employees within individual units should be frequently disinfecting shared spaces and personal work spaces.