April 1, 2021: COVID-19 vaccination update for students, faculty and staff

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From: Pandemic Preparedness Team
Thursday, April 1, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Beginning this Friday, April 2, all adults in Colorado are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We strongly encourage every member of our community to get vaccinated so that we can resume normal operations as soon as possible.

The vaccine is free for all adults at any location, even if you do not have health insurance or citizenship documents.

Make a plan to get vaccinated

  • Although eligibility has expanded to include all adults in Colorado, vaccine supply remains limited. Be prepared that you may not be able to schedule your appointment immediately. Officials expect that it will take months to vaccinate everyone who wants to receive the vaccine.
  • CSU is not a primary source of vaccines for students, faculty and staff. You should get the vaccine at your first opportunity and not wait for an invitation to receive the vaccine from CSU.
  • You should enroll to get a vaccine through your local county, a healthcare system, your primary care provider or a local pharmacy. Find out where you can get your free vaccine in Colorado at https://covid.colostate.edu/kb/vaccinations-for-csu-faculty-staff-and-students/.
  • When scheduling a vaccine appointment, if you are getting the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, make sure you can receive your second dose on time and in the location where you will be on that date. Moderna is most effective when the second dose is given 28 days after the first dose. Pfizer is most effective when the second dose is given 21 days after the first dose. The Janssen (Johnson & Johnson vaccine) is a single-dose vaccine.
  • If you are leaving the Fort Collins area before your second dose is given, it may not be possible to find a provider in another area or state that can give you the second dose. 
  • Plan to get both doses from the same provider in the same location to ensure that you will be able to get your second dose and get that dose on time. (For example, if you go to a pharmacy for your first dose, you should go back to the exact same pharmacy location for your second dose.)

Larimer County hosting public vaccination clinics at Moby Arena, The Ranch

  • Larimer County will begin hosting public vaccination clinics at Moby Arena beginning Monday, April 5. Their goal is to vaccinate up to 1,000 people a day at this location.
  • The state and FEMA are hosting public vaccination clinics at The Ranch in Loveland, with a goal of providing 5,000 vaccines a day.
  • Appointment scheduling for both locations is being managed online by Larimer County at https://larimerhealth.secure.force.com/Vaccine/.
  • Any student, faculty or staff member can sign up to get a vaccine at these public Larimer County clinics.

Vaccinations for a limited number of CSU students on April 5 and 6

  • Larimer County is hosting two vaccination clinics at Moby Arena on Monday, April 5 and Tuesday, April 6, for a small number of CSU students prior to spring break.
  • Vaccine supplies for this clinic are being provided by Larimer County and are limited.
  • CSU is working with the county to identify several hundred students who will be contacted with information about how to participate in these clinics. Identified students will include those who will continue to live in university housing after classes go remote, and may also include students who will work on a campus after classes go remote.
  • The limited number of students, identified by the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team, will be notified via email to their CSU email address that they can schedule a vaccine appointment at these clinics.
  • While this clinic will provide only a limited number of students with a vaccine, the Pandemic Preparedness Team is continuing to work with Larimer County to identify strategies to vaccinate our students, faculty and staff throughout the spring and summer.
  • Because the number of vaccines available to students through this opportunity is limited, the Pandemic Preparedness Team strongly suggests that students seek vaccine opportunities through other providers (see more at https://covid.colostate.edu/kb/vaccinations-for-csu-faculty-staff-and-students/).

For more information about the vaccine, including privacy and personal information regarding the vaccine, visit https://covid.colostate.edu/kb/vaccinations-for-csu-faculty-staff-and-students/. This page will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.

Thank you,

CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team