April 19, 2021: CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team evaluating new county guidance, no changes will take place until after May 15

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Monday, April 19, 2021
From: Pandemic Preparedness Team

Dear faculty and staff,

As you may know, Larimer County public health has issued new COVID guidance (https://www.larimer.org/health/communicable-disease/coronavirus-covid-19).

To keep you informed of our planning, please know:

  • The Pandemic Preparedness Team is assessing the new county guidance. We are constantly in conversations with county health officials and are regularly meeting with county health officials to determine how the guidance may apply to the university.   
  • All CSU operations and academics will continue under the current university COVID restrictions in place for the remainder of the spring semester, which ends on May 15.
  • The Pandemic Preparedness Team does not anticipate implementing changes to any unit or division regarding operations or academics until after that date.
  • We will work directly with individual units and departments to provide framing and education about how the new guidance will apply to their operations after May 15.
  • We will communicate broadly with the university community in the next week to two weeks about anticipated changes to university operations.

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team