COVID Case Guidance for Faculty

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From: Provost Office
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2020 7:10 PM
To: Deans, Department Heads and Directors
Subject: COVID Case Guidance for Faculty

Dear Colleagues:

The Pandemic Preparedness Team has created a single document with a workflow diagram to explain the contact tracing process, and a set of guidelines for managing the risk of COVID in the classroom. The document includes steps for when there is a suspected case(s) among students and/or when a faculty member presents with symptoms. 

Here is the link to COVID-19 Case Guidance (Public health response to COVID-19 cases in the classroom)

In addition to the contact tracing flow chart, the guidelines in the document provide quick overviews on the following subjects:

  • Public Health Classroom Guidance
  • Public Health Classroom Procedures for a Single COVID Case
  • Public Health Classroom Procedures for an Outbreak of Two or More COVID Cases
  • Public Health Classroom Procedures for a Cluster of Five or More COVID Cases
  • Protocols for if a Faculty Member Gets Sick
  • Campus COVID Monitoring Used to Assess the Health Status of the University Community

Please share with your college faculty, leadership and staff.



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