Frequently Asked Questions

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University-wide public health guidance

See university-wide public health guidance for the semester.

I think I may have COVID. What should I do?

If you have tested positive (including home tests) or believe you have symptoms of COVID (even if mild), please report to the COVID Reporter immediately. More guidance is available through this advice.

Faculty FAQs

The Provost Office developed these FAQs specifically addressing academic spaces

COVID vaccine boosters 

COVID boosters are not required, but are strongly encouraged.  

How do I notify the university of my booster status? 

CSU students and employees can provide their vaccine booster information through the student or employee portal. This is required only once.

When am I eligible for a booster? 

I had a recent COVID infection or currently have COVID. Do I need to wait to get a vaccine or booster?
Please discuss your options with your medical care provider.  


What public health guidance is in place for visitors?
If a visitor is exposed or tests positive, they are required to report through the COVID Reporter.

Visitors are not required to disclose their vaccine status; this is private medical information. Faculty, staff and students should not ask visitors about their vaccine status. Visitors are not required to screen.

Reporting public health violations

How do I report a concern about someone not following public health requirements?
Please report through the COVID Reporter.

Public health on university grounds

See public health guidance.


Masks are not required unless part of a public health order for an individual. In some cases, mask may be required in specific settings such as medical clinics. Individuals, units, colleges, etc., cannot create their own mask requirements.

Anyone may make a personal choice to wear a mask. N95 masks provide more protection, when worn properly, for the wearer than a surgical style mask.

Physical distancing

What are the requirements for physical distancing on campuses?
There is not a physical distancing requirement for university spaces.

Positive cases, exposures, contact tracing

How do I report a possible exposure, symptoms or a positive test?
Please report through the COVID Reporter.

Positive cases and academics

A student who I teach has volunteered to me that they are not attending classes because they are in quarantine or isolation, and they are requesting a temporary remote option. Can I verify that they are in isolation?
If the student volunteers to you that they are out for quarantine or isolation, you can ask them to provide you with the official documentation of isolation or quarantine dates they received from public health officials.

If the student does not volunteer that they are missing classes due to being in isolation or quarantine, they can be asked to provide generic documentation from Student Case Management to verify that they need to miss class.