Guidance for instructors: prepping for a field trip

Estimated reading time: 1 min

Required steps to request travel approval and vehicle

  1. The instructor who is planning a field trip must complete the travel exemption form and forward the approval email to the Department Head in which the course is held. No reservations are allowed until this step is completed. The same form is required for all CSU travel during the fall semester.
  2. Contact Transportation Services for a cost estimate if you are renting a bus. Disregard this step if renting a van, car, etc.
  3. Complete a Vehicle Reservation Request
  4. Create a list of students (manifest) and seating chart for travelers in each reserved vehicle (if there are multiple) that includes student phone number and email address. You may be required to share the manifest at time of vehicle pick-up.

Day of travel

  1. Adequate planning, such as additional vehicles or alternate travel dates for smaller groups, must occur to occupy vehicles at or below 50 percent capacity, including the driver.
  2. Instructor must take attendance and confirm students’ travel according to manifest submitted in planning stage.
  3. If traveling by bus, only sit in indicated seats. Travelers must board a bus from back to front with one passenger per seat and exit the bus from front to back.
  4. All travelers must complete the Daily Symptom Checker prior to entering campus. Instructors are encouraged to remind students to do this for the well-being of their community EVERY day before arriving on any campus or university grounds (for example, ARDEC, or Foothills, Main or South campuses).
  5. Prior to entering the vehicle, all travelers must put on a face covering and sanitize their hands. Instructors are responsible for bringing hand sanitizer for travelers.
  6. All travelers must wear a face covering throughout the field trip and physically distance during travel. Travelers will sit in the same seat during all portions of travel.
  7. Additional airflow is encouraged in vehicle.
  8. When exiting the vehicle, hand sanitizer must be applied. Field trip participants will maintain at least a 6-foot distance throughout the field trip exercises.
  9. Prior to re-entering the vehicle, all travelers must use hand sanitizer.
  10. All vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized by CSU Transportation Services staff at the time of return. No specified sanitizing or cleaning is required by instructor.
  • Immediately complete the Symptom Reporter if you experience any COVID-19-like symptoms.
  • Always wear a mask in all buildings except when you’re in your own apartment, res hall room or house. This is mandatory. Wear a mask outside if you cannot be more than six feet from others.
  • Physically distance from other individuals at least six feet at all times.
  • Limit all social gatherings to 10 people – on campuses or off. In all gatherings, everyone must wear masks and observe physical distancing requirements.
  • Avoid gatherings – on and off campuses – where there are more than 10 people. Do not attend any gathering where mask-wearing and physical distancing rules are not followed.
  • Wipe down your individual desktop, work station, meeting tables, seats and other surfaces upon entering the space with disinfectants, which will be provided. Instructors are expected to allow a few minutes of time throughout the day for frequent disinfecting.
  • Follow directional signs when entering and exiting buildings, classrooms and other public spaces if signs are present.
  • Stay home if you are sick, believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, or if you test positive for COVID-19.