How and where do I get tested?

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If you need a test for the purposes of travel, such as a test required by an airline, you must get a test through a non-university site, such as through Larimer County, a pharmacy or a health care provider (more below on locations). CSU’s saliva screening is not accepted as a test for these purposes.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or believe you have been exposed:

  • Report through the COVID Reporter. You are required to report. A CSU public health official can arrange a nasal swab test for you at the CSU nasal swab site.
  • Do not go to the CSU saliva screening site.
  • You may request a test through your health care provider.
  • Free COVID-19 testing is available in Larimer County.
  • Some pharmacies offer testing.
  • If you choose to get tested at one of these non-university locations, please alert the test provider that you are a CSU employee or student when you get a test. If your test results are positive, please alert CSU Public Health immediately by calling 970-491-4600 or reporting through COVID Reporter.
  • Family members or children of students, faculty and staff should seek testing through a non-university site. CSU is unable to test or screen the children of students, faculty or staff.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should 
  1. Complete the COVID Reporter immediately. A public health official will follow up with you. You are required to report to the university when you have symptoms.
  2. If you have symptoms, you should not go to the CSU saliva screening site. See this page for more information about testing location options.
  3. Call your provider if you believe you need medical attention because of the severity of your symptoms.

If you want a COVID-19 test

Students, faculty and staff should check their CSU email accounts for messages from the Pandemic Preparedness Team or CSU COVID Testing Team for information about how they can submit a saliva sample. All students, faculty and staff are invited to voluntarily submit saliva samples.

See testing hours.

The CSU saliva screening is not approved for use for travel, such as tests required by some airlines.

If you have symptoms or believe you have been exposed, DO NOT go to the CSU saliva screening site. Alert the university through the COVID Reporter.

Additional testing sites:

If you are contacted by a CSU public health professional

Some students, faculty and staff are periodically required to be tested for COVID-19 due to wastewater testing results or quarantines. Those individuals will receive an email about their potential exposure and risk, as well as specific directions for where and when to get  nasal swab test on Main Campus.

CSU is monitoring waste water and data from the COVID Reporter to reach out to students, faculty and staff for testing based on a number of criteria.

Saliva screening and nasal swab tests are offered to students, faculty and staff at the direction of the Pandemic Preparedness Team as part of a public health strategy to test those who may have been exposed to someone known to the university to have COVID-19.

More information about the university’s testing strategy  and two step process is available, as well as information about university mandated tests is available in the COVID-19 policy.