July 12: Masks no longer required on campuses in most locations

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Starting Monday, July 12, the Pandemic Preparedness Team will no longer require that masks be worn on university grounds. This decision is in keeping with current national, state and county guidance and low COVID rates within our state, local and university community.

Masks are strongly encouraged for all students, faculty and staff who are not fully vaccinated while on university grounds (masks may be removed when outside or when in a space alone, such as in an office).

Masks are still required of all individuals in limited certain settings including within the Health and Medical Center, Veterinary Teaching Hospital and other veterinary medicine provider locations on campuses, and while on public transportation, such as Transfort. Individuals, units, colleges, etc., should not develop their own mask requirements or protocols – protocols must be in collaboration with the Pandemic Preparedness Team. Research settings should resume normal laboratory personal protective equipment protocols.

These requirements follow public health guidance.

As a reminder, supervisors, faculty, staff and students may not ask others (guests, employees or students) about their vaccine status; this is private medical information. 

There will still be individuals within our community who will wear masks. Do not assume that someone wearing a mask has not been vaccinated. Anyone may choose to wear a mask regardless of their vaccine status, including that they:

  • Are fully vaccinated but want to wear a mask
  • Have a health condition or have close contact with someone with a health condition that prompts them to wear a mask as an extra precaution, even if they are vaccinated
  • Have an allergy to vaccine ingredients and are unable to be fully vaccinated
  • Hold religious or personal beliefs that lead them to decide not to get a vaccine

This guidance may change, depending upon evolving national, state and local public health recommendations and COVID rates.

In the coming weeks, the Pandemic Preparedness Team will remove most COVID related signs that are currently displayed across the university, including the “masks required” sign. Units should not create their own signs; doing so may create issues with alignment with current university guidance.

For more information about public health guidance on university grounds, visit https://covid.colostate.edu/pandemic-preparedness-team-broad-guidance-for-all-summer-and-fall-2021-activities/. The public health guidance chart and information on this page will be updated soon to reflect this change. 

July 9, 2021