Mask exemption process and scripts for faculty and supervisors

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Students, staff, faculty, and visitors must wear a mask in all University buildings. This requirement is in place to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 among our university community.

Academic faculty in classrooms and supervisors managing on-site employees may encounter situations when a student or employee forgets to wear a mask or refuses to wear one.

To support our faculty and supervisors, we have prepared a suggested script for supervisors who may need to address an employee not wearing a mask or following public health orders, as well as a script for academic faculty who may need to address a student not wearing a mask. The scripts can be found below.

Because of risk to others, modifications to a mask, such as an alternative face covering, are not accepted by the University without a documented exemption.

For general use, the Pandemic Preparedness Team has approved only gaiters as alternatives to mask; face shields, scarves and bandanas are not approved alternatives. Gaiters must have two layers; either wear two gaiters or fold the gaiter so that it is doubled over both the nose and mouth.

Concerns about compliance with university requirements or public health orders should be reported through the COVID Reporter. This information is shared with offices that respond to these concerns including the CSU Public Health Office, Student Resolution Center, Human Resources, and Office of Equal Opportunity.