Phased Spring 2021 Schedule

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Below is a high-level overview of the Spring 2021 semester, focused on how the semester will start.  This overview includes answers to some of the general questions we anticipate many of you will have.  More information will be forthcoming in early 2021, from the President or Provost, the Pandemic Preparedness Team, the Colleges and Departments, and other relevant units.  And in the intervening weeks, we hope you all enjoy Winter Break with your families.

January 19 - 22 (Phase 1)

First week of classes – All courses will begin online

Jan. 25 (Phase 2)

Second Week of Classes – Selected courses with high priority for in-person learning will shift from online to face-to-face (100% in-person).

Early Feb (Phase 3)

On February 5, faculty scheduled to teach courses in the hybrid modality will be updated on the status of course transition from 100% remote to hybrid (introducing a face-to-face component) based on Larimer County Public Health guidelines.

All currently scheduled online courses will remain online for the entire spring semester.