March 30: Public health update as we near the end of the semester

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March 30, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

We have more than 365 days behind us since we went remote last March and now only 10 days until spring break, after which we shift to remote-only instruction for the rest of the semester. While the pandemic is not over, we can all share in celebrating what we’ve accomplished. CSU is one of the few universities in the nation to have successfully navigated a full academic year offering in-person classes: we thank each of your for doing your part.

We know many of you are experiencing fatigue related to the pandemic. We also know that some public health guidelines around us are beginning to shift and lift.  But we must still make it through the spring semester before we can implement new guidance for our spaces and activities.

Here’s about what to expect for the remainder of the semester, through May 14:

Follow public health guidance regarding mask wearing, physical distancing, and avoiding gatherings

All students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to continue to follow all public health guidance, including wearing masks on all university grounds until the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team directs otherwise. This requirement will remain in place through May 14, even if the state’s mask mandate changes or lifts. Please continue to wear a mask, maintain six feet of physical distancing, and follow all public health precautions, including avoiding large gatherings, through the end of the semester.

Report symptoms through the COVID Reporter

All students, faculty and staff are also required to continue to report symptoms, potential exposures or positive tests through the COVID Reporter. The COVID Reporter is also a tool for reporting concerns in an academic or work spaces.

COVID-19 screening

The saliva screening requirement will remain in place through the end of the semester for all students, faculty and staff who continue to report to university grounds or live in university housing or a fraternity or sorority house. Our team is currently assessing what our screening and testing protocol will look like for summer or fall. We will share that information when decisions are made, including updating our webpage on COVID screening.

Classroom and workspace furniture physical distancing will remain at six feet

The CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team’s current requirement of six feet of physical distancing in all university buildings and grounds remains in place. Our continued requirement to minimize the number of individuals in each building by encouraging employees who do not need to work from a campus to continue to work remotely also remains in place.

The Pandemic Preparedness Team is reviewing current Centers for Disease Control guidance that allows three feet of physical distancing in academic spaces and will likely begin to adjust university spaces at semester break as classes shift to being fully remote the last two weeks of classes and finals week.

Over the first few weeks of the summer semester, the Pandemic Preparedness Team will work with Facilities Management to reassess spacing and occupancy requirements and coordinate with the Larimer County Public Health team to ensure compliance, a process that is expected to take several weeks. Please do not move furniture in your spaces or remove Pandemic Preparedness Team signs regarding physical spacing and occupancy.

Vaccine requirements

At this time, we are not requiring vaccines for all students, faculty and staff, but some small groups – such as those working directly with individuals who may have COVID – may be asked to get vaccinated and may be required to follow specific public health guidance if they choose not to. We are building a platform on which students, faculty and staff can voluntarily submit information about their vaccination status; we expect this platform to be ready in the next week. This information would remain private and will help the Pandemic Preparedness Team make decisions about operations and academic activities. More information is available and will continue to be updated on our vaccines page

As the summer semester approaches, we will continue to assess evolving public health guidance and make decisions about university academics, activities and spaces.

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team