Status of University Events

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Status of Spring 2021 events and Commencement

The CSU Pandemic Planning Team has canceled all spring semester in-person or face-to-face events until further notice, with a few exceptions.

  • Virtual events are encouraged and permitted.
  • CSU will not have a traditional Spring Commencement; however, a Ceremonial Oval Walk is planned April 5-9. In May, CSU will share digital and virtual celebration opportunities for you to enjoy at home with your friends and family.
  • Events that may be permitted, subject to review and approval by the Pandemic Preparedness Team, are academicevents” that are part of an approved curriculum, such as giving a speech in person.
    • These event requests will be considered by the Pandemic Preparedness Team on a case-by-case basis.
    • Requests must be submitted two weeks in advance of the proposed date through the university’s event management system.
    • Information submitted to the system must demonstrate how the event will meet the requirement that all public health guidance be followed and that attendance is limited by physical distancing and may not exceed 10 people.

Promote virtual events by submitting event information to the University Events calendar and providing details for online engagement.

What’s the difference between an event and a meeting? 

We have typically defined the difference as events are “special events” that commemorate, celebrate, raise awareness, etc. they are a ceremony, gala, party, special gathering.

A meeting is for the purpose of  conducting business or is educational and is often a regular occurrence. During a meeting decisions are made, collaboration occurs, sales are made, etc. This would include “meetings” of a professional group (a group that requires a paid membership, such as a professional membership organization) as an event and not a meeting. For example, a group of researchers affiliated with a specialty discipline who meet annually or a few times a year would be an event and not a meeting.