Summer 2021 planning, Pandemic Preparedness Team application

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Screening and testing during summer session

The Pandemic Preparedness Team will continue to require all students, faculty and staff to screen if they are engaging in in-person activities on university grounds or live in university housing or a fraternity or sorority house. More information about screening requirements and limited exceptions is available at

Summer academics and class delivery

Colorado State University will continue to offer a mix of in-person, hybrid (in person and online) and remote-only course options for students during the summer session. Information about summer offerings is at Registration for summer classes opens at noon on Tuesday, March 23  and more information about important summer session dates is at

Faculty and instructors with questions about their summer courses should contact their department scheduler or their department chair or head.

Additional Summer Activities, Application to Pandemic Preparedness Team

Summer activities including academic activities, K-12 camps, etc.

Any activity that brings individuals together with any face-to-face component, either on or off university grounds, as well as special academic programs, must be reviewed and approved by the Pandemic Preparedness Team. Examples may include K-12 camps or programs, CSU or community student field trips or field work, or any academic or non-academic activity that brings more than two individuals onto university property who are not already students or employees.

Approval received for activities last summer does not carry over to this summer. Not all programs will be approved, but the Pandemic Preparedness Team will strive to support as many university activities as possible, within the confines of public health guidelines and the required university resources to provide public health oversight.

Applications should be submitted to the Pandemic Preparedness Team. This application process ensures that activities follow appropriate public health guidelines from the county and university. In addition, program planners should continue to go through all other routine process steps for these activities, such as submitting space requests through the event management system, in addition to obtaining Pandemic Preparedness Team approval.

Additional general information about many summer programs.

Employees working on university grounds

Employees who have already been approved through the Pandemic Preparedness Team process may continue to perform essential duties in person on university grounds.

Additional units wishing to resume in-person activities on campuses must go through the Pandemic Preparedness Team’s application process to ensure that proper health protocols are in place, to assist with facilities planning (such as water quality checks, cleaning and disinfecting) and to ensure that the university does not exceed building occupancy recommendations for COVID-19.

That application is available to supervisors to be submitted to the Pandemic Preparedness Team. In general, the Pandemic Preparedness Team continues to encourage employees who can work remotely to continue to do so through the summer, and will prioritize the return of units to working in-person based on a hierarchy of university needs, with tasks that support students receiving primary consideration.

Research activities will remain as currently scaled until further notice from the Pandemic Preparedness Team, which is working with the research community to evaluate opportunities to increase research activity capacity on campuses.