Testing Summary – 09/08/20

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Sept 8 Testing Update

As of Sept. 8, the university has conducted more than 10,304 of tests on CSU’s main campus since mid-August of students, faculty and staff. These are reflected in the dashboard, along with students, faculty and staff tests at other locations, including through physicians or doctor’s offices and county testing sites.

To date, the university mandated testing through the university’s free testing of:

  • All students in university housing who live in Braiden Hall and one building in University Village based on wastewater measurements (week of Aug. 24)
  • All employees who work in the area of Moby and Durrell, based on wastewater measurements (week of Aug. 31)
  • All members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity who live in a chapter house (off campus in non-university housing). These students were tested due to five positive COVID-19 cases in that house (week of Aug. 31)

Additional members of our community who were strongly encouraged to get a free test include:

  • Students who live in Corbett Hall (week of Aug. 24)
  • Fraternity and sorority members who live in various chapter houses across the city (week of Aug. 31)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants due to their frequent in-person contact with students (week of Aug. 31)

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