Vaccinations for CSU faculty, staff and students

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Updated Jan 12, 2021

Larimer County Public Health is responsible for vaccine distribution to organizations and businesses within the county, including to the university community. Vaccines are distributed by the state to counties; counties then provide vaccines to community members according to this graphic.

The Pandemic Preparedness Team is working with the county to:

  • Assess vaccine availability for the university community – both the quantity and timeline for availability
  • Identify factors that prioritize university individuals for vaccination and assign an order to those groups of individuals for vaccination These priorities will be identified based on Centers for Disease Control criteria and will include those with specific health risk factors such as age and underlying health conditions, as well as instructors teaching face-to-face.
  • CSUPD officers who are first responders and Health Network staff who are seeing ill patients have received initial vaccines through the county (vaccines are not yet being distributed by the university).
  • A system to distribute and administer vaccines to those individuals as prioritized.

The plan for vaccine prioritization and administration to the university community will be communicated to students, faculty and staff soon.

At this time, we anticipate that it will be months before enough vaccine is available to vaccinate our entire community, likely after the end of the semester.

Our COVID policy will be expanded to include our approach to vaccination when those decisions are made, including whether or not the vaccine will be mandated for some or all of our community members.

Getting vaccinated does not absolve one from being required to follow public health guidelines. For example, even individuals who are vaccinated are expected to and will continue to be required to wear a mask on university grounds until national public health guidance changes and is communicated.