What should I do if a faculty or staff member in my department tests positive for COVID-19?

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Supervisors or instructors do not need to do anything other than cooperate with contact tracing.

Employees who report symptoms or exposure via the symptom checker will be connected to CSU public health officials. Employees with symptoms should not go to the CSU saliva screening site to submit a sample. Other testing locations are available.

Supervisors should not pressure employees to report to work if the employee has been exposed, tests positive or has symptoms.

Supervisors should protect the confidentiality of their employee’s private medical information has reported information through the COVID Reporter; they should not alert their staff or colleagues – public health officials will contact those who need to know. Supervisors may follow up with CSU’s public health office to provide information about concerns.

Employees who report symptoms to their physician or who test positive through testing sites will be connected with public health officials through the county.