How saliva screening samples are processed

February 16, 2021

Note: Information in the saliva screening consent and registration process was inadvertently outdated regarding the “pooling” of samples and how results are communicated. We apologize for this error.  The laboratory that processes saliva samples uses the following steps to identify individuals who may …

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Testing and screening summary – 11/12/2020

November 14, 2020

As of Nov.12, the university has conducted more than 24,688 nasal swab tests and 18,670 saliva screenings for COVID-19 on students, faculty and staff since mid-August. Of those collective CSU-administered nasal swab and saliva screening numbers, 582 students, faculty and …

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How and where do I get tested?

November 04, 2020

Colorado State University is committed to the health of our students, faculty, and staff.  If you have COVID-19 symptoms or believe you have been exposed: Report through the COVID Reporter. You are required to report. A CSU public health official …

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Screening and testing summary – 11/02/20

November 02, 2020

As of Nov. 2, CSU has conducted 24,168 nasal swab tests and 11,877 saliva screenings for COVID-19. As of October 12, the university is screening individuals for COVID-19 only by saliva. Those individuals whose saliva screening indicates they may have …

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Testing summary – 10/08/2020

October 09, 2020

Oct 8 testing summary Between Aug. 17 and Oct. 7, the Pandemic Preparedness Team conducted more than 22,280 tests of students (who live on and off campus), faculty and staff, funded by the university. Of those tests administered by CSU, …

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CSU Data and Testing Town Hall – 10/02/20

October 09, 2020

Data and Testing of Town Hall Video Recording The CSU Data and Testing Town Hall was held Oct. 2. The Town Hall was open to the CSU community: students, faculty, and staff. The expert panel answered questions live, and …

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CSU saliva screening

October 06, 2020

Colorado State University is rolling out a new test that screens saliva for the virus that cause COVID-19, with the first samples submitted on Oct. 1. This new saliva screening test was developed by CSU researchers and provides the university …

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What is wastewater testing?

September 29, 2020

This letter to the editor was originally published in the Collegian on Sept. 25, 2020 The CSU Pandemic Team thanks CSU students for doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and answers the big question: What IS Wastewater …

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University testing strategy and protocols

September 24, 2020

Colorado State University wants to maintain a thriving environment where are students, staff, and faculty can learn and work as we all navigate COVID-19 together. One of the best strategies we have for keeping our community healthy is identifying those …

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Addressing exposure and positive cases

September 13, 2020

When positive COVID-19 cases are discovered, CSU coordinates with Larimer County (or other appropriate counties) on necessary public health steps such as quarantine, self-isolation, etc., of students, faculty and staff, as well as disinfecting spaces as needed. CSU uses contact …

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