• Masks are not required on university grounds in Larimer County. Individuals, units, colleges, etc., should not create their own mask rules or mandates.
  • This information should be used by all units, divisions and colleges to empower them to make informed decisions for all activities, ranging from returning employees to campuses, to planning events and activities.
  • The Pandemic Preparedness Team’s decisions may change, based on the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic.
  • To provide your vaccine status to the university or declare an exemption, visit the vaccine page.
  • For information about voluntary antigen testing, visit the testing page.
  • For information for supervisors and employees regarding flexible work arrangements, please visit this resource from Human Resources.
  • Printable PDF of the Public Health Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions

    See FAQs and answers about Spring 2022 public health guidance and its application to academics and operations.