To: All students
From: CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team
Oct 27, 2020

Dear CSU student,

This email is an invitation from the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team to submit a COVID-19 saliva screening sample. This is optional and not a requirement, but is strongly encouraged.

Saliva screening is the first step of a two-step process to help the university identify individuals with COVID-19 and stop the spread. See this link for more information about this two-step strategy (

We are making saliva screening available to you through Nov. 6.

  1. Register at this link – (link is restricted to students, faculty and staff)
    • Please double check that there are no typos in your contact information and CSU student or employee ID number
    • Students should use their CSU (local) address and not their hometown address
    • You only need to complete this step once
  1. Select a timeslot to take your test from this link (link is restricted to students, faculty and staff)
    • The saliva screening process takes five – ten minutes
    • Please make every effort to make your appointment window; if you cannot, you may still submit a sample during screening hours (listed below).

All saliva screenings are at:

Student Recreation Center
MAC Gym (enter through East entrance – see this
9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday

After submitting your saliva sample, you may go to class or work as normally scheduled; you should continue to always take public health precautions including wearing a mask and physically distancing.

Everyone who submits a saliva screening will receive an email from You will receive this email with information within 24 hours of submitting your saliva sample.

This email will tell you:

  • If you do not need a follow up nasal swab test and there is not an indication in your saliva sample that you may have COVID-19  OR
  • If you do need a follow up nasal swab test. You also will be called by the testing team if you need a follow up nasal swab test. Nasal swab tests are only required if there is an indication in your saliva sample that you may have COVID-19.

If you are notified that you need a nasal swab test, per university guidelines you are on a “testing hold” until you receive the nasal swab test results; this means that you should not attend class or go to work, and should avoid contact with others. While the saliva screening is voluntary, if you are flagged for a follow up nasal swab test, the nasal swab test is mandatory, according to university policy ( More information about the phases of saliva screening, testing holds, and when a nasal swab test is required is at

IMPORTANT:***If you are already in isolation or quarantine due to a public health order, you should not leave your home, apartment or residence hall room to get a saliva screening.  ***

For questions about the saliva screening process or nasal swab tests, you may email For questions about public health guidance, you should email

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team