From: Pandemic Preparedness Team
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020
To: All staff
Subject: University environment and operations after fall break

Dear staff,

We’ve started a critical 30-day count down to fall break, with more than 50 days behind us since the beginning of the fall semester. This is a feat and a milestone that many other universities have not reached. Please join us in celebrating this remarkable success and to accept our gratitude for what you’ve helped us accomplish together.

As announced earlier this year by President McConnell, on November 20 we will move to all on-line instruction for the remainder of the semester. Classes will continue remotely and finals will be delivered online through the remainder of the semester. While many students may go home or to other locations during break and not return until spring semester, some will continue to live in university housing and across the city and region.


We are working on detailed information about what to expect during both fall and winter break and the weeks between. But at this time, we want to focus on answering your most urgent questions about university operations and access to campuses. Please continue to watch your email for more details.

Workplace arrangements, building access

  • Once classes go remote on Nov. 20, faculty or staff who can work remotely instead of on university grounds should do so, even if they were reporting to a campus during face-to-face instruction.
  • During the University holiday dates (Nov. 26-27 and Dec. 23-25 and Jan 1), access to university buildings will be restricted (requiring a key card) as it normally would be during a university holiday.
  • Expect that otherwise, from Nov. 20 through the start of the Spring semester on Jan. 19, university offices and buildings may be open (virtually or face-to-face) with limited hours and limited public access. Hours, building access and virtual vs face-to-face services will be determined by individual departments and units.
  • Expect to hear from your leadership about operations within your unit or department.

Public health guidance

  • All public health guidance and requirements will remain in effect at all times. This includes wearing a mask, physically distancing, avoiding large gatherings and disinfecting spaces often.
  • Disinfecting stations already distributed across campuses will remain in place and will be serviced; you also can report a replenishment need via the information on the station.
  • It is important not to rearrange furniture in university spaces that was marked off for physical distancing. Please also do not remove public health guidance signs.
  • Continue to report any symptoms of COVID-19, a positive test result or potential exposure through the university’s COVID-19 website at

Student, faculty and staff support

  • Offices and units that currently serve students will remain open (face-to-face or remote) but may limit hours of physical access.
  • Check the websites of individual units about their plans for operations, such as hours, building access and face-to-face and virtual services. This includes Morgan Library, the Health Network, Lory Student Center, Rec Center, Employee Assistance Program, Human Resources and other student, faculty and staff support services. Those decisions will be made by these units in the coming weeks and, if those units determine that changes are necessary, information shared as it becomes available.

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team