Dear CSU faculty, staff and students,

Since July, Colorado State University has been proactive and diligent in testing and screening for the virus that causes COVID-19. This includes testing wastewater samples from our university community beginning last summer, as well as testing through nasal swabs in early fall, and then adding saliva screening in October. Since the beginning of the pandemic, CSU has partnered closely with Larimer County Public Health, sharing data and information about students, faculty and staff who test positive for the virus.

To date, at least two variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 have been identified in students, faculty and staff; this is not a surprising finding given that variants have been identified across the nation and in Larimer County. While this does not change our public health strategy, it does elevate the need for our community to practice vigilance and compliance. That means we expect everyone in the CSU community to screen frequently, wear a mask, wash your hands, physically distance, avoid gatherings, and stay home when sick or exposed, and follow any quarantine and isolation order.

The Pandemic Preparedness Team will continue to follow all Larimer County Public Health guidance, monitor results of both wastewater and individual tests, and take measures to continue to help our university and the broader Larimer County community stop the spread of the virus and its variants.

As a reminder, all students, faculty and staff who are on a campus for teaching, research or learning, or who are living in university housing or a fraternity or sorority house, are required to screen every week. The Pandemic Preparedness Team has recently added additional saliva screening locations across our campuses to better serve our CSU students, faculty and staff. Any student, faculty or staff who is not required to screen but wants to do so should schedule a screening at one of the university’s five sites. To schedule a screening, visit

Thank you,

The Pandemic Preparedness Team