Jan 14, 2021

Dear Rams:

Welcome back to CSU this Spring Semester. For those of you new this spring, welcome to CSU! You have a large academic community here to support your success, and we are thrilled to have your talents and aspirations contributing to what makes CSU great. Our faculty and staff have been working hard to prepare for a safe, engaging, and successful semester. We have developed a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online/remote courses to support your success with your health and safety as a top priority.

Thank you for your resilience and flexibility in dealing with the unknown, and understanding our need to respond to the current local public health environment on almost a weekly basis.  I wanted to share four things that can help you successfully start your semester and focus on health and safety:

  1. All CSU courses will be online/remote the first week of classes and will then move to face-to-face (F2F) and hybrid courses through phases as President McConnell discussed in a December 17, 2020, email. This allows us to expand our COVID screening capacity and evaluate the safety of the public health environment at the time. Below this message is a chart representing the three teaching modality phases.
  2. Check your schedule on Canvas before Tuesday, Jan. 19. Your schedule will tell you the modality of how your courses will be taught after the first week of all courses being online. Modalities include online, F2F, and hybrid. The Registrar’s Office has created a web site to explain the different teaching modalities and provide you with examples of how to read these on your class schedule: https://registrar.colostate.edu/face-to-face-hybrid-or-online-classes/.
  3. You should be receiving a “Welcome” email or Canvas message from each of your instructors prior to the first day of the semester. Look for that message! It will have important information from your instructors about what you can expect for the start of the semester, including plans for when hybrid courses will transition to F2F. If you have questions, please reach out to your instructors.
  4. Frequent screening for COVID-19 will be required on a regular cadence for all students, faculty and staff on campus. This is a change from last semester. Please realize that compliance with this new requirement is critical for the health and safety of our entire campus community. Thank you in advance for your compliance with this public health requirement.

Information about screening and other COVID-related resources can be found at: https://covid.colostate.edu/.

We are so excited to have you as a member of our Ramily and look forward to engaging you in incredible learning experiences. Welcome back and stay stalwart!


Mary Pedersen

Provost and Executive Vice President

 Spring Semester 2021 Teaching Modality Phases


SP21 Teaching Modality Phases


Face-to-Face (F2F)


(Mixed F2F and Online)

Phase 1: Jan. 19-22

All Courses Begin Online/Remote

All Courses Begin Online/Remote

All Courses Begin


Phase 2: Jan. 25-29

Online-designated  courses continue to meet remotely/online only.

F2F courses shift this week to in-person.

(Note: Your instructors teaching F2F courses will communicate with you on what to expect for Phase 2.)

Most hybrid courses remain online, but some will introduce an in-person component.

(Note: Your instructors teaching hybrid courses will communicate with you on any changes for hybrid courses during Phase 2.)

Phase 3: Feb. 5* – Announcement to campus on timeline and plans for shifting to this phase.

Online-designated courses continue to meet online only.

F2F courses continue to meet in-person.

(Select hybrid courses continue)

All remaining hybrid sections that did not transition in Phase 2 shift to hybrid (in-person and remote mix) in Phase 3.

(Note: Your instructors teaching hybrid courses will communication with you on what to expect in Phase 3.)

*The specific start date for Phase 3 will be announced on Feb. 5, based on more information we will acquire throughout the month of January. The final timeline and details to shift to Phase 3 will be determined by CSU leadership and the Pandemic Preparedness Team in consultation with Larimer County and State health officials.