Fall COVID Measures

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July 26, 2022 (revised Jan. 13, 2023)

Dear University Community,

With the approaching start of a new academic year, we want to provide an update of public health measures currently in place for our CSU community. The university continues to plan for and address COVID and remains responsive to the evolving conditions of the pandemic. The following information outlines expectations for the fall semester.

Public health measures

The university’s COVID information is at covid.colostate.edu.

  • The university will follow public health measures as required by Larimer County Public Health.
  • University health and COVID experts will monitor emerging data and public health guidance.
  • While COVID is not going to go away, communities now manage the virus with innovations that include home tests, vaccines, medications and other treatments. This informs CSU’s strategy, too.


  • Masks are not required on university grounds or in vehicles used for university-related travel.
  • Anyone may wear a mask if they want to; students, faculty and staff should not create their own mask requirements for others.
  • N95 masks provide a level of protection for the wearer. These masks are available for departmental purchase at the online pandemic supply store.


  • Vaccines or exemptions remain a requirement for all employees and students.
    • This includes all new employees and incoming students.
    • The vaccine requirement consists of completing the primary series of an approved vaccine (see more on the CDC website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/stay-up-to-date.html). The university also accepts vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.
    • Boosters are not required but are encouraged.
    • You may declare vaccination exemption for medical reasons, religious reasons or personal reasons, but you must provide the university with an attestation of your exemption if you choose not to be vaccinated.
    • If not already submitted either proof of vaccination or declared an exemption, you must provide the university with either your vaccine record or your exemption at https://covid.colostate.edu/kb/vaccinations-for-csu-faculty-staff-and-students/.

Testing and symptoms

  • The voluntary antigen testing location on Main Campus will continue to operate. This location is on South College near the South College Parking Garage.
  • Stay home if you are sick and report any symptoms or positive tests to the COVID Reporter.
  • You are directed (revised Jan. 2023) to report any positive test result, even a home test result, to the CSU Public Health Office.
  • Employees who report symptoms or a positive antigen test through the COVID Reporter will be directed to your health care provider or a pharmacy for a PCR test; PCR tests will not be available to employees on campus.
  • Students who report symptoms or a positive antigen test through the COVID Reporter may be directed to get a PCR test through the Health Network’s medical services for students.

Please look for additional updates from key divisions across the university as classes approach, including from Human Resources and the Provost Office if you’re an employee.

As we move forward, we offer our deepest thanks to students, faculty and staff for your dedication over the last two years to a cause much greater than yourself – that of taking care of each other.



The Pandemic Preparedness Team